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When in 2009 the municipal administration indicated the area of ​​the pitch placed in front of the S. Pietro in Gallignano mill as a suitable place for the construction of a gym for the hamlet, the managers of Aquaria made it clear that the area could hold some archaeological surprises.

Il Presidente di Aquaria, mentre sorveglia che nessuno provochi danni, si improvvisa cicerone e guida.

The municipality and the Superintendency then proceeded, at the beginning of the year 2010, to have some tasting excavations performed. In the holes of the excavations new important archaeological finds came to light: a tomb, a well, the foundation of a small room and other scattered ancient material. The finds were highlighted and detected in the spring of 2010.The foundation of the small room At this point, the Municipality, having confirmed its intention to build the gym in that area, decided to finance a more detailed archaeological research. excavation, directed by the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy, confirmed the presence of important archaeological structures scattered over the entire surface.

Other tombs came to light (two of which were perfectly preserved with the intact skeleton of the deceased inside), a collection point of various cocciame that could indicate the remains of a fire, the foundations in large pebbles of a wall and some columns that

La tomba

confirm the importance of the archaeological site.The tomb

The news of the archaeological finds has immediately spread among the Gallignanesi especially after the newspapers had emphasized the discovery.

For a few days it was a bustle of people who wanted to see these strange graves of their ancestors formed by a crown of large stones and with the walls in cocciame of tiles and placed next to the structures of the dwellings. The President of Aquaria, while watching that nobody causes damage, improvises cicerone and guide.