The well of the Cascina. Venina

During the leveling work on the fields of the Cascina Venina, between the municipal road to Isengo and the Naviglio, a mass of large cotto cuccme appeared just below the cultivated area. Site overview The Director of our Group went to the site and is activated for a site cleaning job to identify what it […]

Back in 1892, at the Cascina Muraverde

Back in 1892, at the Cascina Muraverde, a repository of tin and copper loaves and numerous bronze objects (spear points, hatchets, hoes, etc.) had been found among the remains of a large pot of raw blackish earth. . Part of the material is now exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan. […]


When in 2009 the municipal administration indicated the area of ​​the pitch placed in front of the S. Pietro in Gallignano mill as a suitable place for the construction of a gym for the hamlet, the managers of Aquaria made it clear that the area could hold some archaeological surprises. The municipality and the Superintendency […]