The Famous Treasure of Letnitsa

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The Treasure of the Flythe Discovery of the treasure of Letnitsa is quite accidental.

In 1963, agricultural workers in the village of Letnitsa decided to build a new shepherd. When we began to dig its foundations, at a depth of 50-60 centimeters they stumbled upon a bronze vessel inverted with the mouth down. Reliefs picked him up, found in him a lot of small silver objects in part with the gilding you shared. The curator of the museum in the nearby town of Lovech later gathered the objects with the help of the village doctor who witnessed the opening.
Besides, the silver objects, among which there are many small ones found in the horse ammo from the IV century BC. The find also contains a well-preserved bridle made up of two iron brackets on which the bridle was placed on the halter and a cog-chain.

Of interest is the illustrative cycle for the exploits of the hero built by a group of plates. In some plates, he is represented as rider struggling and conquering bears and wolves. In others throws a spear followed by his servant.

The plates from the Letnishko treasure shed some light on the mythology of the ancient Thracians and their beliefs, which allows us to peep in the culture and the worldview of these distant ancestors.
The treasure from Letnitsa is set out in the galleries of the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia.