The Gold Treasures of Thrace

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The Thracians were skilled craftsmen. They made magnificently decorated gold as well as silver products such as various sorts of ships, rhyta, masks, chest defense, precious jewelry as well as tools. They have buried the abundant treasures and also prizes to conceal them in times of aggressive invasions and unrest, as well as for routine objectives. To date, greater than 80 Thracian treasures have been excavated, or basically accidentally discovered in Bulgaria.

The Chalcolithic cemetery of Varna has been defined by experts as “the world’s oldest refined gold”, goes back to the 5th millennium BC and offers an unique understanding right into the “earliest world in Europe”. Discovered by possibility by workers throughout building job near Lake Varna in 1974, it is perhaps the wealthiest god’s acre in Europe from the late Copper Age. It was provisionally called a “Varna society” by an unknown people that existed in this region at the time. The treasure is composed of 28 things: bracelets, belts, designs, vessels. It can be seen in the History Museum in Varna.

The Panagyurishte gold treasure

The Panagyurishte gold treasure (4th century BC) was discovered by opportunity in 1949 2 kilometres south of the town of the same name. The items of the prize form a rich as well as costly gold set of high creative worth. The prize is kept in the National History Museum in Sofia.

The Valchitrun gold treasure

The Valchitrun gold treasure was uncovered in 1924 by 2 siblings while ploughing their building near the town of Valchitran, Pleven area. It is the biggest gold treasure discovered in Bulgaria to date– 12.50 kg of strong gold with natural alloys of silver, copper and also iron. The treasure goes back throughout of the Bronze Age (16th to 12th century BC). It is composed of 13 perfectly shaped routine objects. Among one of the most interesting elements of the prize is that it has tiny mugs shaped in such a method that they just stand when they are filled up with fluid. The treasure can be seen in the Archaeological Museum in Sofia.

The Rogozen treasure

The Rogozen treasure impresses with its 165 items with a complete weight of 20 kg, decorated with Thracian as well as Greek themes. Commemorated as the “discover of the 20th century”, it was also discovered by opportunity. The treasure is composed of 108 ampoules, 54 jugs and 3 trophies.

Gold mask of a Thracian king. The mask might have belonged to Seuthes III, a Thracian king that ruled in the 5th century BC. In enhancement to the mask, the excavators also found a gold ring standing for a rower, as well as numerous bronze and also silver vessels.

These are simply a few of the numerous treasures found in the area of present-day Bulgaria, occupied by old worlds thousands of years ago. Gold items and also treasures have actually likewise been found in several various other areas in Bulgaria, such as Borovo, Lukovit, Vratsa, Letnitsa and Strandzha Mountains. As valuable artworks, these treasures are evidence both of the exceptional workmanship of individuals who lived below in ancient times and of their mission for elegance and also consistency.

Thrace Foundation

The Thrace Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Mr. Vassil Bozhkov in 2004. Since the moment of its establishment, it occupies an active position in the processes of promoting and supporting the preservation of the cultural values that are part of the Bulgarian and the world’s cultural and historical heritage.

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