The well of the Cascina. Venina

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During the leveling work on the fields of the Cascina Venina, between the municipal road to Isengo and the Naviglio, a mass of large cotto cuccme appeared just below the cultivated area. Site overview The Director of our Group went to the site and is activated for a site cleaning job to identify what it was about.

He proposed the intervention to the Aquaria Archaeological Group volunteers who immediately gave their availability. The search was carried out on Saturday 8 December for the purpose of do not interfere with the leveling works in progress.

The researchers started with the idea that it was a tomb. Then, from the first tastings, they realized that it was not a tomb but, given the number of roof tiles and tiles that remain. hand came to light, they thought of the collapse of a small dwelling.Some of the

Alcuni degli archeologi volontari

voluntary archaeologistsContinuing in the excavation, given the presence of a black patina on the shards and also in the ground, f. the idea of ​​a hut hearth.

The well No. 1 at the Venina Ma at the end clearly appeared the shape of a well, formed by pieces of embryos juxtaposed in a round shape with the flap of the upside turned towards the center. an exciting job that gave the researchers the pleasure of discovery. The external structure of the well is about one and a half meters.

Il pozzo n° 1 alla VeninaThe well’s circle measures about 70 centimeters and about 70 centimeters is the current depth; but it is not known what the original level of the cultivation was, since the field, like all the other fields in our area, has always been subjected to leveling, slower than the current ones and less invasive, but which over the centuries may have lowered by very much the surface level. In the area other finds had already been found in 1994 when the Superintendency had made a special excavation that had not yet given great results except for the discovery of scattered shards and a small rampart perhaps in defense of the destroyed house.

So it is unthinkable that, in the course of the work, other discoveries are coming: we will see the developments. We will see the developments and we will mention them in the next update of the site.